Maeday BBQ Sauces

My husband and I have created the latest buzz in the world of barbecue.  Maeday is a very unique, meat clinging barbecue sauce that has received raving reviews from all over the United States.  Barbecue lovers are instant fans with just one taste.  We firmly believe there are two types of people; those who already love Maeday and those who will love Maeday.  For those of you who don’t know our story, it started while I was growing up in the suburbs of Chicago.  Whether rain or shine, my family held many cookouts to everyone’s delight.  During those times my mother, Ella Mae (hence Maeday) always made this secret sauce that people loved to dip, slather or pour over their food.  My mother, Ella Mae, is no longer with us, but her delicious barbecue sauce is still making people happy.  The sauce has been named in honor of her with great love and admiration.  Taste the sauce and you’ll meet the woman.  Its an experience, that you and your taste buds won’t easily forget.  Enjoy!

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